Asset Management

J-REITs and Solar YieldCo

Ichigo manages two J-REITs(Ichigo Office REIT: 8975, Ichigo Hotel REIT: 3463) and a solar YieldCo (Ichigo Green: 9282).

The two J-REITs' portfolios consist of mid-size office buildings and hotels offering return stability and upside potential. The J-REITs work to increase the value of assets through a broad array of value-add activities in order to drive higher earnings and sustainable growth for its shareholders. Ichigo draws upon its real estate management expertise and skills to aggressively source assets, develop client-oriented financial instruments, and conduct differentiated leasing and value-add enhancements to further strengthen its asset management capabilities.

Ichigo Office REIT, having a track record of consecutive dividend growth, works to maximize REIT shareholder value and to continue to increase its dividend. The mid-size offices that we invest in have room for growth to add significant value via tailored tenant services, structural building improvements, and targeted tenant leasing. These extensive real estate value-add capabilities are also deployed to Ichigo Hotel REIT assets. Hotels have great potential as an asset class, as Japan's hotel industry is growing due to the expansion of inbound tourism with the number of foreign visitors to Japan rapidly increasing.

Ichigo’s solar YieldCo, Ichigo Green, offers investors an opportunity to invest in Japan’s rapidly expanding green infrastructure asset class. Its growth is expected to support the development of Japan’s capital markets while contributing to Japan’s energy self-sufficiency. Ichigo Green will seek to maximize shareholder value by creating a portfolio that offers both return stability via long-term stable cash flows and growth potential.

Ichigo will continue to work to expand investment opportunities on behalf of its shareholders.

Ichigo’s TSE REITs and Solar YieldCo