Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ichigo’s Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

Ichigo believes that companies exist to serve society. We seek to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility with respect to all shareholders and stakeholders, society, and the earth that we share. We are working to support a sustainable society through our three core businesses: Value-Add, in which Ichigo preserves and improves real estate; Asset Management, including managing the Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Ichigo Office REIT (8975), Ichigo Hotel REIT (3463), and Ichigo Green (9282); and Clean Energy, in which Ichigo builds and operates solar power plants on unused land nationwide.

We take a lot of meaning from working for others. We grow value for shareholders; we serve tenants and local communities; and we produce renewable energy to protect the environment. Our name, Ichigo, underscores our mission of service. Ichigo comes from the ancient Japanese proverb, Ichigo Ichie, literally meaning “One lifetime, one encounter.” The phrase was first used by a 16th century master of the tea ceremony, Sen no Rikyu. In serving guests, he called upon his disciples to give total focus and sincerity to each act of the tea ceremony, because that particular moment will only exist once for both the server and the served, and should be fully lived and realized. Ichigo embraces this Ichigo Ichie philosophy of sincerity and service to others.


Ichigo believes that working on behalf of the society and the environment is a fundamental social responsibility and will support Ichigo’s sustainable growth. Consistent with these values, Ichigo prescribes in its Code of Corporate Ethics that all employees “work to preserve our shared global environment by reducing the environmental impact of our activities and pro-actively joining conservation efforts.”
Ichigo has thus made sustainability a key business and social priority, and has established the following Sustainability Policy to further reduce Ichigo’s environmental impact and support sustainable growth.

Ichigo Sustainability Policy

Harmony with the Environment

Ichigo actively monitors and minimizes the environmental impact of its business operations.

Energy Conservation, CO2 Emissions Reduction, and Recycling

Ichigo seeks to contribute to a low-carbon, low-waste society by lowering its energy consumption, extending the useful life of its assets, actively recycling, reducing waste and water consumption, and implementing green procurement measures.

Regulatory and Environmental Compliance

Ichigo complies with all environmental laws and regulations and Ichigo’s own independently-established environmental rules. Ichigo also carefully monitors and complies with all applicable changes in laws and regulations.

Training and Awareness

Ichigo promotes understanding of its Sustainability Policy and works to increase sustainability awareness among all Ichigo employees.

Sustainability Performance Communication and Disclosure

Ichigo communicates this Sustainability Policy and Ichigo’s sustainability initiatives to society at large. Ichigo also obtains certifications for its sustainability activities on an ongoing basis.

Japan’s First Zero-Carbon Public Real Estate Firm

We are deeply committed to supporting the balanced, green, and ecologically-appropriate development of Japan's economy and society, and became Japan’s first zero-carbon public real estate firm in 2010 as part of our ongoing work towards this goal.

Japan's First Real Estate Asset Management Group to Join the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century

We are also participating in the Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century to express our firm commitment to protecting the natural environment. The Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century were established based on recommendations from the Ministry of the Environment Central Environment Council to all financial institutions that are responsible for environmental finance.

Participation in the Japanese Ministry of Environment’s Fun to Share Movement

Fun to Share

The global community is faced with the challenge of preventing global warming. At the UN Climate Change Summit in New York, the Japanese government declared a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 1990 levels by 2020. Furthermore, in a joint communique in 2009, the US and Japanese governments jointly declared a bilateral goal of an 80% CO2 reduction and championed a global CO2 reduction target of 50%.

Fun to Share is the Japanese Ministry of Environment’s movement to promote the achievement of a low-carbon society by sharing advanced knowledge openly and broadly. It also embodies the idea that we should seek to realize and enjoy life in a low-carbon society.

Ichigo supports this Fun to Share campaign and is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable low-carbon society by deploying our value-add capabilities to promote sustainable real estate for a sustainable society.

Sports Sponsorship: Weightlifting, Rifle Shooting, and Track & Field

As part of our recognition of outstanding effort and performance in all social activities, we support athletes in weightlifting, rifle shooting, and track and field.

Sports Sponsorship: J.League Top Partner

Ichigo is a J.League Top Partner

The Japan Professional Football League’s (J.League) mission is to establish sports clubs that are rooted in local communities, cooperating with local residents, businesses, and governments to promote community development.

Ichigo believes that companies exist to serve society. As a sustainable real estate and clean energy company, Ichigo works to fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute to local communities.

Ichigo’s values are thus closely aligned with the J.League’s mission, and Ichigo is partnering with the J.League to help build stronger and healthier local communities.

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