Ichigo Real Estate Services Fukuoka

Real Estate Business in Kyushu Region

Ichigo Real Estate Services Fukuoka was established to reinforce services in the Kyushu Region, a strategically important area for Ichigo.

Kyushu is known as Asia's gateway to Japan, being much visited by Asian tourists and attracting foreign investments. Fukuoka City is also a National Strategic Economic Zone for employment reform. With the Shinkansen (bullet train) in service since 2011, Kyushu's real estate market is on the rise, supported by improved economic conditions.

Ichigo Real Estate Services Fukuoka will continue to collaborate with local financial institutions and real estate companies to contribute to regional vitalization.


Name Ichigo Real Estate Services Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
Address 3-14-36 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Established April 8, 2014
Paid-in Capital 101 million yen
Major Shareholder Ichigo Inc. 100%
Business Lease, management, sales and acquisition of real estate in the Kyushu region
& Licenses
Real Estate Business, Fukuoka Prefecture(1) registration #17601

Corporate Directors

(as of May 26, 2019)

President & Representative Director Minoru Ishihara
(Real Estate)
Kenji Tanaka
Masayo Shiromoto
Corporate Auditor Aki Iwasaki