Respect for Every Being in Every Moment

The word "Ichigo" comes from the ancient Japanese proverb, Ichigo Ichie, literally meaning "One lifetime, one encounter." The phrase was first used by a 16th century master of the tea ceremony, Sen no Rikyu. He called upon his disciples to give total focus and sincerity to each act of the tea ceremony for every guest, because that particular moment will only exist once and must be fully lived and realized. Ichigo embraces the Ichigo Ichie philosophy of sincerity and service, and works to build strong long-term relationships to support the success of our clients, shareholders, and all stakeholders.

Origin of Ichigo Logo

Our logo is rooted in the ancient Japanese traditions of the tea ceremony and Wa (harmony).

The circular design at the top of the logo represents the chasen (bamboo whisk), which is used to gently stir the tea during the tea ceremony.

The color of the logo is that of Japanese lacquer.

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