Ichigo's Strengths

Working with Communities

Ichigo's re-use of existing assets contributes to the revitalization of local communities.

Ichigo's value-add business respects local residents' hopes and desires for their communities. Negligent property maintenance not only detracts from asset value but also negatively impacts the energy and vitality of the surrounding area. Ichigo aims to work harmoniously with the local community so that they are pleased by the results of Ichigo's efforts to increase the value of its assets. As professionals in real estate, Ichigo will improve the exteriors and the usability of the assets, rectify building code issues, and carry out leasing activities tailored to local tenants.

The clean energy business is one measured not in years but in decades. It is also a business that does not succeed without the understanding of the local community. Ichigo understands that running a solar power plant is about much more than just installing the panels and reaping the benefits for twenty-plus years. Ichigo has intense dialogues with local residents and aims to adapt and improve its practices so that they are comfortable with the project.

On Ichigo's solar portfolio web pages, we showcase the local mascots and regional overview of the areas where Ichigo builds its solar power plants. In addition, for the environmental education of local children, some of Ichigo's solar plants are accessible to visitors to promote a broader understanding of renewable energy.