Ichigo's Strengths

Proven Expertise

As the pioneer in asset securitization and fund businesses in Japan, Ichigo operates more than 180 funds with more than 1.4 trillion yen in assets to date.

In the past, Ichigo has engaged in corporate investments, and thus has strength in corporate M&A-style asset acquisitions. As a Group, Ichigo offers full-service real estate management from asset management (AM), property management (PM), and facility management (FM).

Ichigo has experienced personnel sourced from large banks, general contractors, and developers with strong industry networks. This provides a strong sourcing pipeline that allows for stable asset acquisitions unaffected by market conditions.

Ichigo has one of the most extensive track records of development fund management in Japan, and has launched funds worth more than 500 billion yen in assets, and is able to manage all phases from acquisition, development, construction, and fund creation.

A specialized team comprised of first-class registered architects who have experience at leading general contractors as well as experts specialized in environmental and construction technology bring their expertise to enhance the value of the assets that Ichigo manages. Ichigo also has structural design first-class registered architects to promote anti-seismic measures. The technical expertise and know-how that Ichigo has accumulated through each step of development and renovation has allowed Ichigo to develop a competitive advantage in providing high-quality, value-add enhancements while taking ROI into account.

Ichigo also draws upon its expertise in environmental and construction technology in our Clean Energy business to construct safe and high-quality solar power plants that will operate for more than 20 years, from groundwork to set up the solar power plant foundation to platform design.

Ichigo's Clean Energy team consists of members with experience in the development of solar power plants abroad. Ichigo monitors its plants at the string level with image data on a 24-7 basis through a specialized engineer who has expertise in electrical equipment work, while the more common practice is to fully outsource to EPCs. Ichigo also has a team in place to respond to all types of troubles within 24 hours.

Image of Ichigo ECO Power Plants Monitoring Screen