Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

Ichigo Inc. (“Ichigo”) hereby declares its fundamental policy to not have any relationships with Anti-Social Forces (“ASF”), such as individuals or groups that pursue financial profit by means of violence, force and fraud. Ichigo pledges to be a trustworthy and healthy company that earns society’s confidence.

  • Ichigo has established a Code of Ethics and actively takes measures against ASF to prevent ASF activity in the real estate and financial markets.
  • Ichigo will never conduct any inappropriate transactions with ASF, including backdoor deals and funding. Ichigo will not have any relationships and business transactions, with ASF, and in case any such relationships are discovered ex-post facto, Ichigo will terminate the relationship and take necessary remedial measures.
  • Ichigo will not accept any unreasonable requests from ASF, and will coordinate with the police against ASF and always seek appropriate civil and criminal legal countermeasures against ASF.
  • In accordance with its Basic Policies on Internal Control, Ichigo has structured its company to keep out ASF, and has designated its Senior Executive Managing Director & Statutory Executive Officer (Administration) and Legal & Compliance Department as the responsible officer and department, respectively, to take the following measures: coordinate with the police, lawyers, and other specialists; cooperate and affiliate with police-related organizations; gather information; screen business counterparties; add clauses to prohibit activities relating to ASF to Ichigo agreements; and conduct internal training to raise anti-ASF awareness.