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Ichigo Sustainability Policy


Sustainability refers to the ability to preserve the earth’s environment now and into the future. Corporate sustainability activities that contribute to the preservation and development of the environment and society are integral to the long-term prosperity of companies.

Ichigo’s Code of Corporate Ethics is a code of conduct and set of fundamental values that we share at Ichigo, under which we have prescribed that all employees “work to preserve our shared global environment by reducing the environmental impact of our activities and pro-actively joining conservation efforts.” As a responsible corporate citizen, we have made sustainability a key business and social priority. Ichigo aims to actively promote sustainability, and has established the following Sustainability Policy to further reduce Ichigo’s environmental impact and support sustainable growth.

Ichigo Sustainability Policy

  • 1. Harmony With the Environment and Recycling
    Ichigo actively monitors and minimizes the environmental impact of its business operations via extending the useful life of its assets, reducing water and waste consumption, and recycling.

  • 2. Addressing Climate Change and Shift to Low-Carbon Society
    Ichigo seeks to contribute to a low-carbon society and address climate change by lowering its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, using renewable energy, and improving the resilience of its assets.

  • 3. Regulatory and Environmental Compliance
    Ichigo complies with all environmental laws and regulations and Ichigo’s own independently-established environmental rules. Ichigo also carefully monitors and complies with all applicable changes in laws and regulations.

  • 4.Training, Awareness, and Cooperation With Stakeholders
    Ichigo works to increase sustainability awareness via company training sessions, and promotes understanding of its Sustainability Policy among all Ichigo employees and tenant employees working at its assets. Ichigo also works with stakeholders to promote understanding of its Sustainability Policy and implement sustainability initiatives.

  • 5.Sustainability Performance Communication and Disclosure
    Ichigo communicates this Sustainability Policy and Ichigo’s sustainability initiatives to society at large. Ichigo also obtains certifications for its sustainability activities on an ongoing basis.

  • 6.Sustainable Procurement
    Ichigo implements sustainable procurement measures, including the use of environmentally-friendly construction methods and materials, actively installing energy and resource efficient equipment, and the inclusion of sustainability initiatives as a selection criteria for business partners.

  • 7.Building a Diverse, Inclusive Organization
    Ichigo respects human rights and works to build a diverse organization where employees work with respect for each other and realize their full potential regardless of race, beliefs, religion, skin color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, and social status. Ichigo also provides a healthy, comfortable work environment that focuses on employee performance and well-being, and drives organizational growth.

  • 8.Biodiversity and Ecosystem Preservation
    Ichigo contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems via the addition of greenery to the interiors and exteriors of its assets, primarily using native plants.

(Note 1) All revisions and deletions have been approved by Ichigo’s Board of Directors.
(Note 2) Revised April 19, 2023