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Ichigo Sustainability Policy


Ichigo’s Code Of Corporate Ethics is a code of conduct and set of fundamental values that we share at Ichigo, under which we have prescribed that all employees “work to preserve our shared global environment by reducing the environmental impact of our activities and pro-actively joining conservation efforts” and made sustainability a key business and social priority as a responsible corporate citizen. Ichigo aims to actively promote sustainability, and has established the following Sustainability Policy to further reduce Ichigo’s environmental impact and support sustainable growth.

Ichigo Sustainability Policy

  • 1. Harmony With the Environment
    Ichigo actively monitors and minimizes the environmental impact of its business operations.

  • 2. Energy Conservation, CO2 Emissions Reduction, and Recycling
    Ichigo seeks to contribute to a low-carbon, low-waste society by lowering its energy consumption, extending the useful life of its assets, actively recycling, reducing waste and water consumption, and implementing green procurement measures.

  • 3. Regulatory and Environmental Compliance
    Ichigo complies with all environmental laws and regulations and Ichigo’s own independently-established environmental rules. Ichigo also carefully monitors and complies with all applicable changes in laws and regulations.

  • 4. Training and Awareness
    Ichigo promotes understanding of its Sustainability Policy and works to increase sustainability awareness among all Ichigo employees.

  • 5. Sustainability Performance Communication and Disclosure
    Ichigo communicates this Sustainability Policy and Ichigo’s sustainability initiatives to society at large. Ichigo also obtains certifications for its sustainability activities on an ongoing basis.