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Employee Support

Ichigo University for Sustainable Learning

Ichigo established Ichigo University in May 2013 for employees’ continuing education. Ichigo University courses are taught by employees and external professionals who are specialists in their fields and teach the courses based on their experience. Employees are able to take courses that are not directly related to their day-to-day work, and exchange know-how and ideas with each other. With over 1,000 course participants annually, Ichigo University has become a popular learning platform amongst employees.

Ichigo University Features

Offering Over 20 Courses Annually
Ichigo University offers courses not only on real estate, but also courses on innovation, IT, and social trends that help employees develop essential skills for a sustainable future.

Courses Offered on a First-Come, First-Served Basis
Courses are offered on a first-come-first-served basis to allow employees to choose their own curriculum. Participants for some courses are limited based on course level and content, allowing employees to develop a balanced set of skills.

Courses Available Online
Courses held in person are recorded and made available online via an e-learning platform, and participants are welcome to re-take courses online.

Ichigo University Courses

Ichigo University has offered courses taught by employees, independent directors, and other professionals.
The following are sample courses offered to employees.

Sample Course Offerings
Architecture/Real Estate Courses

Courses on architecture and real estate investment fundamentals for all levels

Tax/Accounting Courses

Accounting and tax courses relating to the real estate industry taught by the Head of Finance

ESG Investment Courses

ESG investment courses covering topics such as wellness, sports, and clean energy, as well as the latest ESG trends and policies on energy efficiency and CO2 reduction

IT Courses

Courses on data science and technology such as AI, including potential applications within Ichigo’s businesses and real-world case studies

Lectures by Independent Directors

Lecture topics include professional development and future growth prospects based on real-world examples and the Independent Directors’ extensive experience

Employee Support Initiatives

Ichigoʼs employee support initiatives exceed legal requirements and contribute to building a healthy work environment for all employees.

  • Set Retirement Age at 70

    Ichigoʼs retirement age is set at 70 to support long-term engagement by employees regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

  • Robust Health Checks

    Ichigo provides all employees with periodic health checks that exceed legal requirements as well as CT scans. Subsidies are also available for follow-ups.

  • Encourage Use of Paid Vacation Days

    In addition to paid vacation days that exceeds legal requirements, Ichigo offers 5 extra days off to be used consecutively with a weekend, as well as 10 days off for every 5 years worked at Ichigo.

  • Reduce Overtime

    To reduce overtime, Ichigo monitors overtime and offers health consultations and management training as part of employee health management initiatives.

  • Overtime Consultations

    For employees working excessive overtime, Ichigo offers consultations with physicians to control health and prevent illness.

  • Mental Health Care

    All employees take periodic stress management courses and mental health checks.