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Management Commitment

Ichigo President Takuma Hasegawa
Ichigo President Takuma Hasegawa

Ichigo established “Make The World More Sustainable” as its new corporate mission in 2016. As a member of Japanese society, Ichigo is dedicated to fulfilling its mission in the spirit of Ichigo Ichie, an ancient Japanese proverb meaning “One lifetime, one encounter.”
Ichigo strongly believes that companies exist to serve society. Ichigo will continue to leverage our unique capabilities and know-how to continue exploring how we can best serve society through our businesses.

Ichigo President Takuma Hasegawa

Ichigo ESG

At Ichigo, we believe in doing the right thing, and making the world a better place.
We work to be a good corporate citizen by serving the needs of investors, tenants, employees, and all stakeholders; to strengthen communities by providing key infrastructure that gives people a platform to pursue their dreams; and to improve the environment by offering an alternative to wasteful redevelopment, while building solar and wind plants across Japan.
These goals form the basis of Ichigo's commitment to the three pillars of ESG:

Sustainability Management

Ichigo has established a sustainability management system, including an Ichigo Sustainability Policy in order to drive its sustainability initiatives.

Global Initiatives & Third-Party Assessments

Ichigo is accelerating its ESG initiatives by obtaining third-party assessments and participating in global initiatives.

Ichigo SDGs

Social Contribution

Supporting Sports

  • Ichigo Sports Teams

    Ichigo has weightlifting, rifle shooting, track and field, and tennis teams with top athletes.


  • J.League Top Partner

    Ichigo is a J.League top partner. The J.League’s mission is closely aligned with Ichigo’s businesses, and our partnership with the J.League deepens our commitment to promote community development.


  • Revitalizing Communities via Supporting Sports

    Ichigo supports soccer clubs to help promote the development of local communities. Ichigo will create synergies with its group companies operating in Miyazaki to support Tegevajaro Miyazaki.


  • Sports Business

    Ichigo’s sports business supports health initiatives, revitalizes local communities, and drives the competitiveness of sports in Japan.


  • Sports Promotion Certifications

    Ichigo has received certifications in recognition of its sports promotion initiatives.


Opposing Forced Labor, Supporting Children With Cancer & People With Disabilities

  • UN Global Compact

    Ichigo is a participant of the UN Global Compact and supports the Ten Principles regarding human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.


  • Supporting People With Disabilities (Miyako City)

    Miyako City provides office space for groups supporting the job placement and livelihood of people with disabilities. Miyako City offers job experiences at its stores, FM radio station, and public spaces.

  • Supporting Children With Cancer

    Ichigo donated a portion of its issuance fees related to a CSR bond for its smart agriculture business, to the University of Miyazaki Faculty of Medicine’s Program for Childresn.

  • Supporting Artists With Disabilities
    (Paralym Art Gold Partner)

    As a Paralym Art Gold Partner sponsor, Ichigo supports Paralym Art, an organization that supports artists with disabilities in achieving their goals and becoming independent.


Supporting Students

  • Cooperating Agreement With Student NPO Sustainable Game

    Ichigo entered a cooperation agreement with student NPO Sustainable Game, supporting the development of a platform and web system assisting young people to take action on important social issues.

  • Supporting Student Investment Clubs

    Participated in an IR presentation contest pairing companies with university investment clubs that conduct on the companies and prepare an IR presentation. Ichigo management/employees were interviewed by students and advised on creating presentation materials.

  • Internships for College Students

    Ichigo provides internship opportunities for college students. Students accompany employees to inspect real estate assets, participate in company meetings, and conduct in-depth discussions leading to a deeper mutual understanding.

  • Student Office Visits

    Ichigo welcomes students from across Japan to visit its offices, with students from around 15 schools visiting annually. Ichigo management/employees explain Ichigo’s businesses and core values.

Supporting Communities

  • Participating in Community Activities

    Ichigo actively participates in community activities such as festivals, street cleaning, and neighborhood watches, developing relationships with local communities where our assets are located.


  • Disaster Relief/Disaster Prevention Agreement

    In the event of a natural disaster, Ichigo will work with property and building management companies to ensure the safety of the assets it owns or manages as well as the safety of its tenants and the surrounding communities.


  • Community Development via Businesses

    The benefits of our Clean Energy business are measured not in years, but in decades. This is a business that cannot succeed without the understanding and support of the local community. In building our power plants, Ichigo works with local companies and promotes local communities.


Health and Productivity Management & Employee Support Initiatives

Ichigo creates a healthy and supportive work environment for its employees.

Respect for Human Rights

  • Eliminate Discrimination

    Ichigo eliminates all forms of discrimination in all matters involving potential and current employees including employment, training, and promotions, and does not discriminate based on race, beliefs, religion, skin color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or disabilities.

  • Work Environment

    Ichigo follows relevant laws and regulations to ensure employee safety. Ichigo maintains a safe, productive work environment free of discrimination and harassment. All verbal and physical forms of discrimination and harassment based on sex, race, religion, or beliefs are strictly prohibited.

Mental Heath Care & Harassment Prevention Guidelines

  • Stress Check Implementation

    Ichigo conducts an annual employee stress check to monitor employees’ mental health. Ichigo provides opportunities for employees to speak to counselors, doctors, and internal/external resources based on results of the stress checks. If deemed necessary, Ichigo implements improvements in work environments based on stress check results.

  • Harassment Prevention Guidelines

    Ichigo conducts annual compliance training for all employees to prevent all forms of harassment. Ichigo provides internal/external resources dedicated to resolving any incidents of harassment and has clear harassment prevention guidelines.

Employment Options for Different Lifestyles

  • Child Care Leave, Paid Leave for Childcare, Nursing Care Leave

    Childcare leave is available for employees with children aged 2 years and younger, and until children turn 3 under special circumstances. Employees with children in elementary school or younger can take up to 10 days of paid leave to care for sick or injured children. Temporary/paid leave is available for employees taking care of family.

  • Extra Vacation Days, Shortened Workday, Flextime, Retirement Age Set at 70

    Ichigo offers 5 extra vacation days (almost all employees consume these extra days) in addition to paid vacation days. Employees have the options to shorten workdays or shift work hours regardless of the reason subject to approval. Retirement age has been set at 70 since the introduction of Ichigo’s retirement policy.

Ichigo University for Employee Education

  • Supporting Ongoing Employee Learning

    Ichigo established Ichigo University in May 2013 to support the ongoing learning of Ichigo employees. Courses are taught by employees and external professionals who are specialists in their respective fields.

Promoting Internal Start-Ups

  • Supporting Internal Start-Ups

    Internal start-ups are assessed both from their potential for profit contribution and their ability to serve society via a sustainable business model designed to solve social problems. IIchigo’s Clean Energy business and Ichigo Owners business both started as internal start-ups.