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Environmental Certifications


The Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency, or CASBEE, is a Japanese government certification that evaluates and rates buildings’ environmental performance based on their energy and resource efficiency, recycling activity, environmental load, and aesthetic appeal.
CASBEE-certified buildings are scored for their environmental performance in five categories and receive a total environmental performance ranking (from highest to lowest): S, A, B+, B.



BELS is a public evaluation system that assesses the energy efficiency of nonresidential buildings. A third-party organization evaluates the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings using a Building Energy Index based on Japan’s national building energy efficiency standard. BELS ranks energy efficiency from five stars to one star.

About BELS

A ZEB-certified building aims to maintain a comfortable indoor environment while reducing its annual primary energy consumption to zero via the use of insulation materials and energy-efficient facilities as a part of transitioning to renewable energy. Based on the BELS system, the ZEB certification ranks buildings (from highest to lowest) as ZEB, Nearly ZEB, ZEB Ready, and ZEB Oriented.

About ZEB