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Corporate History

A Pioneer in the Real Estate Securitization and Fund Businesses in Japan

  • 2000
    Establish PI Technology Co., Ltd.
  • April
    Establish Asset Managers Co., Ltd.
  • 2001
    Asset Managers arranges the securitization of assets from the Ikebukuro store of The Seibu Department Stores, Ltd.
  • September
    Merger between Asset Managers and PI Technology

Successful Public Listing, Accelerated Business Expansion

  • 2002
    List on NASDAQ Japan
  • 2006
    Set up a board committee system to support corporate governance
  • 2007
    Establish asset management company (now Ichigo Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.)
  • 2008
    Establish group holding company

Ichigo Trust Becomes Major Shareholder,
Focus on the Core Business of Japanese Real Estate Asset Management

  • 2008
    Appoint Scott Callon and Kenji Iwasaki as Chairman and President, respectively
  • 2009
    Win noteholder approval to strengthen Group balance sheet by revising terms of the Zero Coupon Convertible Notes due March 18, 2011

Full-Service Real Estate & Clean Energy

  • 2010
    Change company name to Ichigo Group Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • 2011
    Enter J-REIT business with the acquisition of Japan Office Advisors, Inc., asset manager of Japan Office Investment Corporation
    Establish Ichigo Estate Co., Ltd., specializing in highly-liquid small- to mid-sized assets and ground leases
  • March
    Japan Office REIT becomes Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation
  • August
    Acquire Fund Creation REIT Advisers Co., Ltd.
  • November
    Merger between FCR and Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation (Now Ichigo Office REIT Investment Corporation, Securities Code 8975)
    Merger between the two REIT asset management companies
  • 2012
    Merger between J-REIT and private equity real estate fund management companies to become Ichigo Real Estate Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.
    Merger between Ichigo Estate and Ichigo Solutions Co., Ltd. (now Ichigo Estate Co., Ltd.)
  • November
    Establish Ichigo ECO Energy Co., Ltd., specializing in clean energy
  • 2013
    Simultaneous public offerings by Ichigo and Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation (Japan's first double PO)
  • 2014
    Announce Shift Up 2016 mid-term business plan to drive earnings growth
  • 2015
    Appoint Takuma Hasegawa as President and Kenji Iwasaki as co-Chairman (with Scott Callon)
  • August
    Simplify English corporate name to Ichigo Inc.
  • September
    Ichigo Real Estate Investment Corporation becomes Ichigo Office REIT Investment Corporation (“Ichigo Office REIT,” Securities Code 8975); transition from a multi-asset REIT to a specialized office REIT
  • November
    Move to Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section (Securities Code 2337)
    List Ichigo Hotel REIT Investment Corporation (“Ichigo Hotel REIT,” Securities Code 3463) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Creating New Value to Existing Real Estate via Value-Add

  • 2016
    Announce new mid-term business plan, Power Up 2019
  • September
    Change in subsidiary company name to Ichigo Investment Advisors Co., Ltd. from Ichigo Real Estate Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.
  • December
    List Ichigo Green Infrastructure Investment Corporation (“Ichigo Green,” Securities Code 9282) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • 2017
    Establish Ichigo Owners Co., Ltd., a real estate owner services company
  • July
    Acquire Centro Co., Ltd.
  • 2019
    Announce Ichigo 2030 long-term vision as a Sustainable Infrastructure Company
    Establish Ichigo Animation Co., Ltd.
  • 2022
    Transfer to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (Securities Code 2337)