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Senior Management Message

Ichigo exists to serve our stakeholders and society, create value for our shareholders, and protect our shared environment.

Ichigo was established in 2000. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) First Section in 2015, we moved to the TSE Prime Market on April 4, 2022 as part of the TSE's market restructuring.

Our mission is to Make The World More Sustainable, and as a sustainable infrastructure company, we will work to provide key infrastructure that is fundamental to people’s lives. Through our real estate business and also our clean energy business which derived from our real estate business, we are providing key infrastructure that is fundamental to people’s lives. By understanding and responding to the diversifying needs of individuals, communities, and tenants, and incorporating them to the physical infrastructure of offices, hotels, and other real estate, we will enrich people’s lives and contribute to a brighter future for Japan.

Established in 2000 and started as Ichigo in 2010 to become Japan's leading value-add real estate company, we are proud to be expanding our business domain by pursuing new growth opportunities as a sustainable infrastructure company. We look forward to continuing to build upon our record of trust as a shareholder-owned public company.


Scott Callon


Takuma Hasegawa