Ichigo is a Japanese real estate owner/operator and clean energy producer. Its three key businesses are Value-Add, in which Ichigo preserves and improves real estate; Asset Management, including managing the Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Ichigo Office (8975), Ichigo Hotel (3463), and Ichigo Green (9282); and Clean Energy, in which Ichigo builds and operates solar power plants on unused land nationwide.


Name Ichigo Inc.
Address The Imperial Hotel Tower, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Established March 17, 2000
Paid-in Capital 26,820 million yen
(as of February 28, 2019)
Registrations & Licenses First-class Architectural Firm License: #55543 (Tokyo)
Real Estate Business License: (2) #90527 (Tokyo)
Construction License: (26) #141677 (Tokyo)
Ticker 2337 (Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section)
Consolidated Subsidiaries 58 companies
(as of February 28, 2019)

Corporate Directors

(as of May 27, 2018)

Internal Director Scott Callon
(Nominating Committee Member, Compensation Committee Member)
Internal Director Takuma Hasegawa
(Chairman of Nominating Committee, Chairman of Compensation Committee, Chairman of Compliance Committee)
Internal Director Minoru Ishihara
(Compliance Committee Member)
Independent Director Tetsuya Fujita
(Nominating Committee Member, Chairman of Audit Committee, Compensation Committee Member, Compliance Committee Member)
Independent Director Noriko Kawate
(Nominating Committee Member, Audit Committee Member, Compensation Committee Member)
Independent Director Yukio Suzuki
(Audit Committee Member, Compliance Committee Member)
Independent Director Masatoshi Matsuzaki
(Nominating Committee Member, Compensation Committee Member)
Independent Director Kosuke Nishimoto
Independent Director Nobuhide Nakaido

Statutory Executive Officers

(as of March 1, 2019)

Chairman Overall Group Management Scott Callon
Chairman Overall Group Management Kenji Iwasaki
President Overall Group Management Takuma Hasegawa
Executive Vice President Value-Add, Propera & COO Minoru Ishihara
Executive Managing Director Administration & HR Eri Murai
Executive Managing Director Finance Go Watanabe
Executive Managing Director Business Management Takeyuki Yoshimatsu
Statutory Executive Officer Engineering Katsuhiko Hattori
Statutory Executive Officer Osaka Branch Akihiko Tsukasa
Statutory Executive Officer Business Development Kenichi Tanaka
Statutory Executive Officer Audit Yasutoyo Senda
Statutory Executive Officer Accounting & Business Planning,
Takanori Sakamatsu
Statutory Executive Officer Engineering, Design,
Facility Management
Kazunori Kurita