Management Team

Chairman   Scott Callon

Mr. Callon has been our Chairman since October 2008. He is also the CEO of Ichigo Asset Management and one of the three judges for the Tokyo Stock Exchange's annual Corporate Value Improvement Award, given to the top listed company in Japan. He previously worked at the Japan Development Bank, Banker’s Trust, and the UK Prudential Group, and was Managing Director & Head of Equities of Morgan Stanley Japan.

“This is your company. Ichigo’s mission is to repay the trust of our shareholders by driving sustainable growth in shareholder value. As the final year of our Power Up 2019 mid-term business plan, this is an important year for us to fully achieve the goals set forth in Power Up 2019 and establish a strong foundation for the next stage of our growth. We will continue to work to build Ichigo’s capabilities and grow value for all shareholders and stakeholders.”

Scott Callon
Chairman   Kenji Iwasaki

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Mr. Iwasaki became the Chairman and Representative Statutory Executive Officer in May 2015, after having served as President and Representative Statutory Executive Officer since October 2008. From 2004-2008, he was the head of our real estate fund business. Prior to joining Ichigo in 2001, he was engaged in urban development projects at Fujita Corporation.

“We seek to become an indispensable presence in society, and to be a company which unceasingly strives to grow. We also aspire to become a company with abundant opportunities for both shareholders and employees.”

Kenji Iwasaki
President   Takuma Hasegawa

Mr. Hasegawa joined Ichigo in 2002 after working in the real estate development business at Fujita Corporation. At Ichigo, he has engaged in fund and business development and also managed the real estate division. He launched a new business development in small-sized properties as well as ground leases in January 2011 and served as the President of Ichigo Estate. He is the President & Representative Statutory Executive Officer of Ichigo since May 2015.

“Ichigo’s goal is to serve Japan’s prosperity and contribute to Japan’s future through Ichigo’s real estate activities. This is the final year of our Power Up 2019 mid-term business plan, which is an incredibly important year both to achieve our Power Up 2019 goals and set out our future growth strategy. Together with all Ichigo employees, I will dedicate all of my strength to work towards this end.”

Takuma Hasegawa
Executive Vice President & COO   Minoru Ishihara

Mr. Ishihara engaged in large-scale construction projects at Hazama Corporation. Since joining Ichigo in 2007, he has engaged in major value-add projects of retail facilities in regional areas, such as Matsudo Nanbu Wholesale Market (Chiba) and Miyako City Shopping Center (Miyazaki). He holds a redevelopment planner's license.
He has been serving as COO since 2015, and also oversees Ichigo's weightlifting, rifle, and track & field teams to enhance their talents to compete in the Olympic Games.

“Ichigo seeks to be a company that truly puts our clients first. Our direct interaction with tenants helps us to understand their needs and serve them through our real estate expertise and advanced IT capabilities, property management services, and local knowledge. We are working together with our tenants to create a bright future. As the manager of Ichigo’s weightlifting, rifle shooting, and track & field teams, I will do my best with all of our athletes in working towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Thank you so much to our fans for your wonderful support. I will continue to work towards growing value for our shareholders and delivering on Ichigo’s mission. Thank for your continued guidance and support.”

Minoru Ishihara
Ichigo Investment Advisors
President   Wataru Orii

Mr. Orii previously engaged in real estate development at Tokyu Real Estate and asset management at Pacific Holdings. After joining Ichigo in 2010, he has been the leader of business development of the Group. He was the President of former Ichigo Office REIT Management from January 2011. He has held his current position since July 2012.

“Ichigo Investment Advisors invests in infrastructures of social significance such as offices and hotels through J-REITs and other real estate funds, and also solar power plants through its YieldCo. We aim to maximize the investors' assets by utilizing Ichigo's high level value-add skills and track record.”

Wataru Orii
Ichigo Estate
President   Yasuhide Hosono

Yasuhide Hosono joined Ichigo Estate in September 2015, where he initially led asset acquisition and hotel value-add projects. He became President in March 2017. Prior to Ichigo, Mr. Hosono worked for ten years in the consulting, condominium planning & sales, and resort groups at Towa Real Estate Development (now Mitsubishi Estate) before joining Goldman Sachs in 2002, where he focused on real estate investment, value-add, and M&A.

“Ichigo Estate’s core capability is value-add. As real estate professionals, we deploy our real estate expertise and know-how to increase the value of real estate. We are dedicated to working for the long-term success of all of our shareholders and stakeholders.”

Yasuhide Hosono
Ichigo ECO Energy
President   Eiichiro Gotoh

Mr. Gotoh joined Ichigo in 2010. At Ichigo, he launched a real estate fund that grew through corporate acquisitions. Since November 2012, he has led Ichigo's clean energy business as President & Representative Director of Ichigo ECO Energy. Before joining Ichigo, he worked in the structured finance business.

“The clean energy business, which has grown into one of Ichigo's core business segments, is quite meaningful in a country where the energy self-sufficiency ratio is only 5%. Total output from our solar plants – both operating and currently in development – is in excess of 100MW, and this was possible only because of the cooperation we received from local communities. We consider the clean energy business as a way to serve the local communities and environment, as well as an effective way to utilize idle land.”

Eiichiro Gotoh
Ichigo Owners
President   Masahiko Koketsu

Masahiko Koketsu became President of Ichigo Owners at its founding in March 2017. He joined Ichigo in 2011, first running business development for Ichigo Estate. In May 2015, he became the President of Ichigo Estate. Prior to Ichigo, Mr. Koketsu developed retail and residential assets for developers and homebuilders and worked as a consultant in leasing fashion-oriented buildings and shopping centers. Much of his career has been focused on retail assets, where he brings together his capabilities in marketing, architecture, and real estate. He has also served as a columnist and a commentator for Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.

“We are committed to serving real estate owners by always putting their priorities first. Deploying Ichigo’s value-add capabilities on behalf of our clients, we offer services and solutions to individual and corporate real estate investors, protecting and growing the value of their real estate holdings.”

Masahiko Koketsu

Photo: Transpacific Enterprises