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Working With Communities

As a sustainable infrastructure company, Ichigo works to support our various communities by helping them enrich and improve their own lives in sustainable ways. To ensure the safety and security of the Japanese people from frequent earthquakes, earthquake mitigation and prevention measures should be implemented at a community level, rather than on a asset-by-asset basis. Ichigo works closely with the community to understand the various issues that it faces and works together to offer key social infrastructure that will last through the following generations.
Our Clean Energy business also supports our local communities. The benefits of the power plants are measured not in years but in decades, and it is a business that cannot succeed without the understanding and support of the local community. We hold sincere dialogue with local residents and make adjustments to ensure that they are comfortable with the project, and also contribute to new employment and economic revitalization. Ichigo is also careful not to disrupt the surrounding environment, regardless of its social significance.

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