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Hands-on Approach

Ichigo aims to achieve a high service level that is appreciated by existing and potential tenants by standardizing the quality of property management services.

Ichigo's Building Management Specifications

  • “One Lifetime, One Encounter”
    We carry out each tenant service with care based on the ancient Japanese philosophy of Ichigo Ichie, which calls for total commitment and sincerity in serving others. We are also careful to keep the exterior and the landscape of our buildings in harmony with the surrounding cityscape.

  • Creating Peace of Mind
    Our tenants' safety and peace of mind are our top priority, and with this in mind we provide property management services implementing Ichigo Group's extensive property management skills.

  • Honest and Committed Management
    We carry out honest and committed property management services in a tenant-oriented approach - we listen attentively to the needs of our tenants and work to provide a solution from their standpoint.

  • Strict Observance of Laws and Regulations
    We are fully committed to strictly complying with all laws, regulations, internal rules, and social norms. We pursue our business activities in a fair and honest manner.

Tailored Ichigo Tenant Services

  • Tenant Satisfaction Surveys
    Ichigo solicits satisfaction surveys from tenants on a regular basis to better understand each tenant's needs and to ensure that property management reflects that. We sincerely consider each and every opinion to make improvements.

  • Building Visits
    To conduct property management from the perspective of tenants, Ichigo has officers and employees who are not in charge of the specific building conduct visits to view the property with fresh eyes and provide feedback to the staff in charge. This activity has enabled Ichigo to find areas to improve, sometimes in areas that even the tenants hesitate to address.