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Sustainable Business Model

Ichigo’s value-add business model preserves and improves existing real estate to increase the value of assets. We leverage our real estate expertise and know-how in environmental efficiency, architectural, and legal conformance to increase the asset’s long-term value. Our value-add business model is a durable business model that yields rental income that is comparable to the asset’s value and generates gains on sales when sold to external buyers or one of Ichigo’s REITs or YieldCo.

The rental income, asset management base fee, and electricity income from the clean energy business generates stable stock earnings that overwhelmingly exceeds fixed expenses, while the gains on sales from the sales of the post-value add assets generates flow earnings which is an upside to Ichigo’s overall earnings.

Durable Earnings Rooted in Sustainable, Long-Term Value Creation

Stock Earnings (Rental Income) + Flow Earnings (Gains on Sales)