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Ichigo Ichigo Yonago Izumi ECO Power Plant 11

Located in Tottori Prefecture, the Ichigo Yonago Izumi ECO Power Plant is built on a former waste disposal site. With 10,040 individual solar panels and a total output of 2.61MW, the plant provides power for 800 households.

Power Generation
CO2 Reduction

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Ichigo Yonago Izumi ECO Power Plant Begins Operation (01/12/2016) (214976)
  • Location Izumi, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture MAP
    Area 64,484
    Operation Start Date January 12, 2016
    Power Output 2.6104MW
    Panel/Turbine Maker Yingli Solar
    Inverter Supplier ABB
    EPC Contractor JFE Electrical & Control Systems
  • Regional Overview
  • ・Located in western Tottori Prefecture in the center of the Sanin region
    ・An area filled with natural beauty, with Daisen National Park to the east, the Sea of Japan to the north, and Nakaumi, the second-largest lake in Japan, to the west
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    Regional Mascot
  • Yonegis, Yonago City’s Mascot
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