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Ichigo Ichigo Kijo Takajo ECO Power Plant 43

Located in Miyazaki Prefecture, the Ichigo Kijo Takajo ECO Power Plant is built on idle land owned by the town of Kijo. With 3,584 individual solar panels and a total output of 0.89MW, the plant provides power for 300 households. Ichigo acquired the operating plant on May 27, 2016.

Power Generation
CO2 Reduction
  • Location Kijocho, Koyu Gun, Miyazaki Prefecture MAP
    Area 9,621
    Operation Start Date April 24, 2014
    Power Output 0.896MW
    Panel/Turbine Maker Hanwha Q CELLS Japan
    Inverter Supplier TMEIC
    EPC Contractor TESS Engineering
  • Regional Overview
  • ・ Colorful picture books from around the world are on display at Kijo Picture Book Village
    ・ Famous for konjac made with sweet beech acorn starch
    ・ Located in central Miyazaki and blessed with a warm climate
  • Kijo Town Website
    Regional Mascot
  • Kikkun and Ku-chan, Kijocho’s Mascots
  • ゆるキャラツーショット.jpg