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Ichigo Ichigo Tsu ECO Power Plant 44

Green Bond Power Plant

Located in central Mie Prefecture, the Ichigo Tsu ECO Power Plant is built on a former waste disposal site leased from Tsu City. With 9,984 individual solar panels and a total output of 2.94MW, the plant provides power for roughly 960 households.

Power Generation
CO2 Reduction

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Ichigo Tsu ECO Power Plant Begins Operation (03/06/2018) (257631)
  • Location Katada Tanaka Town, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture MAP
    Area 36,421
    Operation Start Date March 06, 2018
    Power Output 2.94528MW
    Panel/Turbine Maker JA Solar
    Inverter Supplier Huawei
    EPC Contractor JFE Plant Engineering
  • Regional Overview
  • ・ Capital city of Mie Prefecture
    ・ Seaside city famous for its eel
    ・ Home to two Buddhist temples designated as Japanese national treasures
  • Tsu City Website
    Regional Mascot
  • The local mascot character,
    Shiromochi-kun, incorporates the motif of three white round rice cakes, borrowing from the flag banner of a local lord from the Edo Period.
  • シロモチくんS.JPG