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Ichigo Ichigo Kobe Pompuike ECO Power Plant 66

Green Bond Power Plant

The Ichigo Kobe Pompuike ECO Power Plant was built on an idle pumping pond that used to supply water to an agricultural reservoir in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. With 7,104 solar panels and a total output of 2.73MW, the renewable energy plant generates power for 1,105 households.


Power Generation
CO2 Reduction

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Ichigo Kobe Pompuike ECO Power Plant Begins Operation (01/05/2022) (1013384)


  • Location Iwaokacho, Nishi-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture MAP
    Area 22,783
    Operation Start Date January 02, 2022
    Power Output 2.73504MW
    Panel/Turbine Maker JA SOLAR
    Inverter Supplier HUAWEI
    EPC Contractor JFE Plant Engineering
  • Regional Overview
  • ・ Kobe City is a major port city located in the Hanshin Industrial Zone that developed mainly through the trading, shipbuilding, steel, machinery, manufacturing, rubber, pearl processing, and tourism industries.
    ・The city is also home to many medical, apparel, confectionery, and Japanese sake brewing companies.
  • Kobe City Website
    Regional Mascot
  • Kobe Weston
    Nishi-ku’s mascot character
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