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Ichigo Ichigo Obu Yoshidamachi ECO Power Plant 64

Green Bond Power Plant

The Ichigo Obu Yoshidamachi ECO Power Plant was built on idle land in Obu City, Aichi Prefecture. With 2,656 solar panels and a total output of 1.00MW, the renewable energy plant generates power for 401 households.

Power Generation
CO2 Reduction
Ichigo Obu Yoshidamachi ECO Power Plant Begins Operation (03/02/2022) (822313)


  • Location Yoshidamachi Higashibata, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture MAP
    Area 11,787
    Operation Start Date March 02, 2022
    Power Output 1.00928MW
    Panel/Turbine Maker HT SOLAR
    Inverter Supplier HUAWEI
    EPC Contractor Hamaden Kogyo, Inc.
  • Regional Overview
  • ・An industrial city known for its automobile industry and located at the base of the Chita Peninsula in western Aichi Prefecture.
    ・ Suburban agriculture in the hilly country areas using water from the Aichi irrigation canal.
    ・ Home to Jomon-period archeological sites such as the “Sanjiki no Kaizuka (shell mound)” and the “Takayama Kofun (Tumulus).”
  • Obu City Website
    Regional Mascot
  • Obu-chan, Obu City’s Mascot
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