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Promoting Sports: Weightlifting, Rifle Shooting, and Track and Field

As part of its sports initiatives, Ichigo promotes weightlifting and supports top weightlifting athletes. Ichigo also established a rifle shooting team and a track and field team, further building on our commitment to promote the development of sports. Ichigo will continue to support athletes training to compete at the international level.

J.League Top Partner

Ichigo is a J.League Top Partner.
The J.League’s mission is to establish sports clubs that are rooted in local communities, cooperating with local residents, businesses, and governments to promote sports and community development. Ichigo believes companies exist to serve society, and our mission is to serve society via our businesses. Our businesses focus on understanding local needs to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for all stakeholders, and aims to contribute to enriching and enhancing local communities. The J.League’s mission is closely aligned with Ichigo’s businesses, and our partnership with the J.League deepens our commitment to promote community development.

Sport in Life


Soccer Club Support

Ichigo supports soccer clubs to help promote the development of local communities.
As a Japanese sustainable infrastructure company, Ichigo works to support the livelihood of the people of Miyazaki Prefecture through community-based initiatives such as management of Miyako City, Miyazaki’s first large-scale shopping center, smart agriculture, solar power plants, outdoor dining events, and public projects. Miyako City has been the owner of J.League club Tegavajaro Miyazaki since December 2023. Ichigo is a sponsor of the club, and is engaged in home stadium management.
Ichigo will create synergies with its group companies operating in Miyazaki to support Tegevajaro Miyazaki.


Sports Business

Ichigo’s sports business supports health initiatives, revitalizes local communities, and drives the competitiveness of sports in Japan.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company Certification (2023)

Ichigo was certified as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company in 2023 for the seventh year in a row for its promotion of sports such as athlete employment, sponsorship of sports associations, J.League partnership, sports viewing events and sports activities among Ichigo employees.
Under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company program, the government certifies companies that promote sports, such as supporting employee engagement in sports.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company

Sport in Life Consortium (2021)

The Japan Sports Agency (JSA) encourages people to actively engage in sports and incorporate sports into their daily lives via its Sport in Life Project, taking advantage of the momentum from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. As part of this initiative, JSA works with local governments, sports associations, economic organizations, and companies to promote sports as a nationwide initiative. In support of this initiative, Ichigo has joined the Sport in Life Consortium to collaborate and share information with other member companies, and promote programs to increase the number of people actively playing sports.

Sport in Life

Sports Yell Company Certification (2024)

Ichigo was certified as a Sports Yell Company in 2024 for the seventh year in a row for its employee sports activities including soccer, running, and golf, and health promotion initiatives including group morning stretches. Ichigo also achieved Silver certification, awarded to companies certified for 7-9 consecutive years.
Under the Sports Yell Company program, the Japan Sports Agency certifies companies that actively promote employee health through sports and other activities.

Sport in Life

Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization(2024)

Ichigo was recognized as the 2024 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization in the SME category for its engagement in community-based health initiatives and for its deployment of health and productivity management promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
The Health and Productivity Management Organization Certification System was established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry with the aim to highlight companies engaged in health and productivity management. The Nippon Kenko Kaigi certifies companies under two categories by company size, i.e., the large enterprises category and the SME category.

 Health and Productivity Management Organization

Excellent Health Company Silver Certificate (2023)

Ichigo received the Excellent Health Company Silver Certificate from the Tokyo Federation of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies (KENPOREN) in 2023, in recognition of its initiatives to actively promote good health within the workplace, such as conducting exercises at morning meetings, sharing health tips, and implementing health committee activities.

The silver certificate is presented to companies where all employees receive physical examinations and achieve the following: (1) make effective use of the results of physical examinations; (2) create a work environment that leads to building good health; (3) promote a proper diet; (4) encourage exercising; (5) help employees quit smoking; and (6) build a work environment for sound mental health.

Excellent Health Company Silver Certificate