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Contributing to a More Sustainable Society Via Clean Energy Business

Ichigo’s clean energy business generates solar and wind power, making effective use of idle land across Japan and contributing to Japan’s energy self sufficiency.

First REAFF-Approved Solar Power Plants in Kanto Region

Ichigo converted former farmland into use for solar energy generation under the Act on Promotion of Power Generation of Renewable Energy Harmonized with Sound Development of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (“REAFF Law”). The had long been abandoned due to constraints on converting land classified as Category 1 farmland to other purposes. Ichigo donates part of the power generation revenue to Toride City to support the growth of regional agriculture, forests, and fisheries.


Floating Solar Plants in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture

As a sustainable infrastructure company, Ichigo collaborated with Kasaoka City that was looking to revive the area and moving into a promising new industry, solar power generation, and built solar power plants on agricultural reservoirs. To serve as an emergency power source during a natural disaster, Ichigo installed electrical outlets and a charging station that can be used during a blackout.