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Providing a Comfortable Work Environment

Ichigo Original Exercise Video - Collaboration with Tokyo’s Enjoy Sports Business

Ichigo has been certified as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company since 2017. Ichigo collaborated with Tokyo’s Enjoy Sports project to create an Ichigo original exercise video that has been uploaded to Ichigo’s YouTube channel.


Providing a Comfortable Work Environment

Ichigo provides its employees with different work options to accommodate lifestyle changes, including the option to shorten their workday to 5.75 hours regardless of the reason. Furthermore, as part of Ichigo’s initiatives to provide a comfortable work environment for its employees, employees have the option to take up to 2 years of childcare leave for both female and male employees, and up to 3 years under special circumstances.
Ichigo subsidizes the one-time use of childcare and nursing care facilities for employees working overtime and on weekends or traveling for business trips. Ichigo also provides paid leave for childcare for employees with children who are in elementary school or younger.
As part of employee health initiatives, Ichigo continues to offer health consultations for employees working overtime hours over a certain threshold.

SDGs8, 10