Financial Information

Earnings & Financial Highlights

1.Gross Profit, Operating Profit, Net Income

Ichigo achieved record earnings in FY19/2 and continues to grow earnings in order to further increase EPS.

2.Earnings Per Share (EPS)

EPS, an important metric of shareholder value, has been steadily increasing.


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) compiled the Ito Review stating that Japanese companies' capital productivity and their growth in shareholder value are the foundation of the Japanese economy's sustainable growth.

Ichigo exceeds the minimum target ROE of 8% stated in the Ito Report, and continues to maintain a highly efficient utilization of capital.

4.Balance Sheet

Since FY14/2, Ichigo has been accelerating growth investments taking advantage of the upturns in the real estate and financial markets, thus enhancing its balance sheet while maintaining its soundness through the acquisitions of quality assets and favorable loans.

Shareholders' equity based on the Pro Forma Balance Sheet adjusted to remove risks not attributable to Ichigo is 49.3% including unrealized gains.

5.Ichigo-Owned Assets(Real Estate)Outstanding

Ichigo is accelerating its growth investments, and invested 85 billion yen in FY16/2, 72 billion yen in FY17/2, and 54 billion yen in FY18/2 in asset acquisitions. Ichigo invested 50.8 billion yen in asset acquisitions in FY19/2, and continues to proactively perform sourcing activities.

6.Corporate Loans

To secure Ichigo's financial soundness, Ichigo is lowering the weighted average interest rate as well as lengthening the average loan maturity. Also, Ichigo manages the loan repayment amount at maturity and controls risks by increasing amortization in consideration of the loan term.

Amortization: Payment of principal on each partial principal repayment date.