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Ichigo Ichigo Yubetsu Barou ECO Power Plant 8

Overlooking Lake Saroma in Hokkaido, Ichigo Yubetsu Barou ECO Power Plant is built on a former automobile field testing site leased from Yubetsu Town. With 2,940 individual solar panels and a total output of 0.80 MW, the plant provides power for 250 households.

Power Generation
CO2 Reduction

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Ichigo Megasolar Power Plant Operational Update (03/03/2014) (733156)
  • Location Baro, Yubetsucho, Mombetsu County, Hokkaido Prefecture MAP
    Area 14,464
    Operation Start Date April 07, 2014
    Power Output 0.8085MW
    Panel/Turbine Maker Yingli Solar
    Inverter Supplier Fuji Electric
    EPC Contractor Nippon Densetsu Kogyo
  • Regional Overview
  • ・Lake Saroma is a lagoon popular for its scenery & seafood
    ・Fertile farming in the Yubetsu Basin
    ・Dairy industry spreading from the Yubetsu river estuary
    into the surrounding mountains
  • Yubetsu Town Website
    Regional Mascot
  • Tupid and Lip-chan, Yubetsu Town’s Mascots
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