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Extending the Useful Life of Assets via Ichigo’s Value Add

Ichigo adds value to existing buildings in Japan, where the prevailing model has been to scrap and rebuild aging buildings. Ichigo tailors its value-add activities based on each building’s location and user needs.

THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku: Full-Renovation of a 39-Year-Old Hotel

Ichigo conducted a full-scale renewal of the Shinjuku New City Hotel, leaving the core structure intact but otherwise fully dismantling the building to carry out seismic reinforcement, install new water systems and plumbing, and renovate the guest rooms, thus transforming it into a new lifestyle hotel. Ichigo focused on high-quality interior design, aesthetics, comfort, and functionality in its renewal of a hotel that primarily catered to large groups such as students on school trips, and created a new type of hotel within Japan that is neither a business hotel nor a luxury hotel. The hotel attracts domestic and inbound guests via its provision of experiences and opportunities to connect with the local community.


Sustainable Community Revitalization in Miyazaki

In 2006, Ichigo acquired Miyako City, the first indoor shopping mall in Miyazaki City in Kyushu. Ichigo conducted a year-long renovation of the mall, which was experiencing a decline in visitors, and brought in new tenants.


Ichigo Yokosuka Port Market Featuring Miura Peninsula’s Robust Food Culture

1The former Yokosuka Port Market, originally opened in 2013 upon renovating a refrigeration warehouse built in 1987, was operated by a Yokosuka City-owned entity, but closed in 2019 after revenue continued to decline. In 2019, an Ichigo-led consortium was selected as a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) operator by Yokosuka City in an open public bid based on its strong value-add capabilities. In transforming the market, Ichigo leveraged its experience and know-how in real estate and supporting agriculture and tourism. The new Ichigo Yokosuka Market opened on October 28, 2022. The market includes shops such as characteristic Yokosuka shops, popular local shops seeking to open a second location, and Tokyo shops looking to feature local ingredients.

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