At Ichigo, our mission is to make the world more sustainable. We believe companies must tread more lightly on our planet, and give back to society. Ichigo works to create a cleaner, more prosperous, and less wasteful future.


We are a Japanese sustainable infrastructure company working in real estate, clean energy, and other areas that are fundamental to people’s lives.


Real Estate

We own and manage offices, hotels, and other real estate assets across Japan.

Total Value

508.4billion yen

(as of 2/2019)

Geographic Distribution

We own and manage clean energy plants across Japan.

  • Number of Plants
    (including in-development)
  • Geographic Distribution

Asset Management

We deploy our expertise in real estate and energy to create durable growth for investors.


We are a growth company seeking new opportunities to create value and serve societal needs.


A New Type of Hotel

Smart Agriculture

Bringing IoT to Farms

Storage Plus

Innovative Uses for Buildings


We are committed to helping our shareholders know and understand us with best-in-class transparency.



We work to serve communities by supporting their efforts to improve and enrich their own lives.


We give back to society by sponsoring athletes, supporting communities, and offering an open and flexible workplace.